Why bring your data to the lab

when you can have the lab come to you?

"So why a van rather than a cart like most D.I.T.'s use"?


It is a commonly asked, and fair question. The answer is multi-faceted, but the biggest two reasons are stability and control. A regular cart set up is constantly moving. Always having to find reliable power and a place to stay out of the shot and out of the way. This work station is responsible for the safety and consistency of your media, ie; your entire product. Why would you want it bouncing around on a cart?

The M.I.L. really is like a post house on wheels. It is climate controlled and keeps your data out of the weather. We can even generate our own power when set power isn't available. This is especially useful at the end of a long day when the Generator

or camera truck needs to leave and get that crew off the clock. The M.I.L. can continue working without holding other crew.This consistency of workspace and power means that a single operator can keep up with a workload that many D.I.T.s would find impossible. All of these factors (and more) mean a substantial savings of time, money, and hassle. Most of the time, you will forget we are even part of the process... and that is exactly the point. At the "end of the day" it is a tool. A tool that is meant to make the process of production smoother and allow you to concentrate on making a better project. We worry about the nerd stuff so you don't have to.



- 12 Core Mac Pro - 48 GB of DDR4 RAM

- 42” Panasonic Professional Plasma Display

- 2x 23” NEC Color Correct Computer Displays

- Multiple High Speed RAID Hard drive sets.

- 4000w Power Inverter (powers entire system from engine when set power isn't available)

- Full Climate Control of both A/C and Heat.



Assimilate Scratch, Black-Magic Designs Davinci Resolve, Full Adobe CC Suite, Shotput Pro, RED CinePro X, AVID, and more.



Mercedes Sprinter Van - High Roof 144

"Stadium Seating" for 4 (plus operator)


The M.I.L. offers a full array of services that you'd normally have to get from a dedicated post "LAB" facility. Not only does this save time, but also money by combining many tasks into a single position. Having these services in a Mobile Imaging Lab allows the tasks to be done near set while the crew is still working. As a result, problems can be addressed before it is too late. This also allows the operator to be given guidance by the Cinematographer as well as see the set for themselves. This allows a more accurate depiction of the creative intent rather than guess work afterwards. These Services and more are offered and performed by a single operator near set.

Pre-Production Workflow Planning:

Each production is unique. With the most adaptable service in the industry, we can help you plan the most appropriate and cost effective process for your next shoot.

Data Management:

Backup direct from Camera and Sound media to Multiple destination backup of Original Camera files. LTO Backup available upon request at an additional cost.

Sound Syncing:

Syncing audio and Video files while maintaining ever important metadata to be used in the post process. These files can be used to export multi-channel audio files for edit.

Color Correction:

Dailies color correction or LUT development. Color correction for any and all formats as well as a way to use that color within the post process.

Metadata processing:

Metadata is what drives your entire post process and the glue that holds it together. Improper metadata management can cost a lot of time and money later .

Dailies Transcoding:

Creation of Editorial media for any Non-liner editing software.(AVID, Final Cut, Premiere, etc)  Creation of "viewing dailies" for distribution on Hard drive or web.

ON-Line dailies Hosting service:

Affordable and secure Online dailies Hosting available. High quality video with individual login and annotation ability can help keep your production on track.

Please feel free to ask any questions you'd like about these services and more. This is the main set of options, but certainly not the only. We look forward to working with you to find the best fit for your production. Even if you aren't in the market for our services, feel free to ask advice.



The M.I.L. Client list is as varied as it's capabilities. Feature films, Commercials, Music videos, and more. If it shoots on a digital format, The M.I.L. can handle it.



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Why bring your data to the lab

 when you can have the lab come to you?